Good Luck With Your Sleep

by Suburban Anxiety

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Dylan Seeley
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Dylan Seeley Hey it's pretty good Favorite track: Refrigerator Checklist.
Julian Hernandez
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Julian Hernandez Es muy bueno Favorite track: Bye.
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A collection of songs from 2015 about being really confused.
Recorded in 2016 whilst still confused.

Guitars: Clayton Silva & Christian Viazzo
Bass/Vocals: Josh RSquiggle
Drums: Matt Rosefield


released February 15, 2016

Lots of hugs for:
Ryan "Rings" Ellery - recording/mixing
Sam and Avi from Just Friends - helping us out in general
Audrey Reiss - text on band graphics
Pizza - yum



all rights reserved


Suburban Anxiety Dublin, California


RIP 2015-2016


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Track Name: Refrigerator Checklist

Tell me you love me
I ask because I like to be deceived
Know these feelings
Are lies all not meant to be believed

Tell me that you like my songs
Though you don’t know to sing along
Tell me it's fine
You've no time to be in my dull life

Tell me I'm dead
Lay me in bed
Let me just stay at home and watch Netflix instead
Tell me I'm dead
Let me rest my head
Because right now I want to pump it full of lead
Tell me I'm dead

Tell me you want me
I know that you think I'm just your pet
But you need me
‘Cause I know that I'm all you can get
Tell me I’m yours, you’d never send me off and far away
Sing to me for hours
As I watch feelings long gone all decay

Tell me I'm alive
Play me Mulholland Drive
All I have are shock goodbyes and p45s
Tell me we’re alive
Play me Mulholland Drive
All I need is one more chance and one more night

Honestly? No, I'm not feeling it.
Tell me I’m dead.
Track Name: Bonfire
4am late nights
I still don’t sleep right
Ever since you cut me out.
(My heart is yours to tout.)

4am late nights
Turning on the lights
While you’re asleep in bed
4am late nights
Remember the fights
And all the things you said

On the other side I found myself alone
You’d given up and you had gone home
Though sticks and stones may break my bones
Your tongue’s a loaded gun
And I’m sorry for all that I’ve done
I’m sorry for all that I’ve done

8am schooldays
Nothing that I say
Seems to quite get through
8am schooldays
Oh so many ways
That I’m still missing you

Well if I’m rain, then you’re full-blown a storm
You’re a raging fire that’s just waiting to take form
As I left you said I’m none of your concern
After these four years you still don't think that I've learned

I know that soon you’ll be leaving
So I’ll lay here cut open and bleeding
'Cause if I die maybe I’ll be remembered
As more than just a punk rock fuckup.
Track Name: Bye
It’s 4am, I’m crying, I mean not like that’s new
'Cause normally I’m stressed out and tonight it’s only you
Your love is like the memory of holding your hand
It washed away like names written in ocean-battered sand
The other girls are mainstream but you live on the fringe
I fell for you and now I want to go fall off a bridge
How does it feel to hear me sing about us together?
To know that I will play these songs and you’ll haunt me forever

There’s songs we used to sing while laying sprawled on my floor
I still know all the words but I don’t play them anymore
We all want to be loved but I'm just so full of hate
I guess that's why you tell your friends that I'm too hard to date
Blare Tigers Jaw while driving and I scream every line
I know I need to talk to you and hold you one more time
I’ll just keep writing songs about the feelings we feigned
I’m trapped in fifteen miles of you and six months still remain

We couldn’t get along and so I wrote you a song
But I’m over it
I think that I’m over it
You always said I’m boring and I’m not any fun
But I’m over it
I get that we had to split
When all is said and done I’m swallowed up by the sun
But I’m over it
I hope that I’m over it
‘Cause soon we’ll all be gone so it’s time I move on
But I'm over it
You seem like you’re over it

I’ll see you never,